Five Confederate Truths Trump Supporters Don’t Admit

Presidential candidate Donald Trump

Trump supporters would rather keep fantasizing about a patriarchal south where everyone treated everyone with respect, and there was no such thing as slavery than face reality. However, these southern pride fantasies can be easily dispelled through 5 cold; hard truths conservatives don’t like to admit:

1. Civil War Was About Slavery

The Civil War was caused entirely by slavery. If America had had no slavery, there wouldn’t have been a Civil War. As simple as that. Also, it is hard to be pro-Lincoln and pro-Confederacy at the same time. The Confederacy fought against Lincoln.

2. Confederate Flag Was General Robert E. Lee’s Battle Flag

The Confederate flag we all know today does not represent the Confederacy, which rejected it as a full flag. It was Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee’s battle flag. Americans were confused about the flag because of the KKK which adopted the symbol. KKK members have been big Gen. Lee fans since their group’s creation. The KKK’s white costumes represent the ghosts of dead Confederate soldiers – that’s how much they love the Confederacy.

3. KKK Was Not Invented by Democrats

Another myth Trump supporters like to believe is that the KKK is an organization founded by the Democratic Party. The organization was founded by former Confederate soldiers after the Civil War was over. Those soldiers were Confederates, not Democrats.

4. Confederate Statues Are Not Historic Monuments

Many Confederate statues lack historical value because they are a lot newer than we may think. For instance, the statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville was not built after the Civil War. It emerged six decades later, in 1924.

5. Southern Pride Is a Misnomer

You can’t love the U.S. and have pride in a would-be state that wanted to part ways with the rest of the Union. Having pride in the Confederacy is like approving of North Korea’s actions, which by the way is poised to destroy America.
Image Source: Wikimedia