A Bloody Mess: Trump Starts A War With the ‘Morning Joe’


MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ loves to take stabs at our current president. It looks like Trump finally had enough of their jabs and unleashed a barrage of tweets aimed at them, and it wasn’t pretty.

The hosts, Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, are known for their beautiful anti-Trump segments. During Thursday morning’s segment, they opened with an audio recording of John McCain being asked if a healthcare deal was possible by the end of this week. McCain retorted with, “If pigs could fly.” Brzezinski then beautifully snarked about how awful it was for Republicans to actually work with the Democrats. Gotta love her style. Trump as usual cries fake news and pouts in Twitter land. He said the following tweets about the hosts:

We know we can’t trust your word Trump, so most likely that never happened. Those tweets only prove you spend more time at Mar-a-Lago than doing your job. Mika then tweeted in glorious retaliation about tiny hands:

Way to go, Mika, don’t back down from tiny hands. Now, the tweet was tweeted an hour after Trump’s outrage and it has no ties to the President at all, no re-tweet nor response directly to the President so of COURSE he automatically assumes it’s directed at him because, well he’s Trump.