ACLU Lights Up Trump’s ‘Short but Disastrous Presidency’


The ACLU is livid and is avowing a new edict for President Trump.

We have not yet begun to fight.

They state, “President Donald Trump delivered the first address to Congress of his short but disastrous presidency. For more than an hour, the president engaged in the empty rhetoric of unity and concern for all Americans in a speech completely divorced from the reality of harm he has already inflicted on America’s most vulnerable communities. In just five short weeks, the Trump administration has rolled out policy after policy that tramples on core American ideals.”

The organization reviewed multiple instances where it deems the President of the United States of America is “a clear and present danger to an open and free society.”

  • The Jan. 27 travel ban instituting a discriminatory Muslim ban while banning all Syrian refugees for 120 days.
  • Chaos engulfed the international aviation system as the U.S. began barring people already cleared to enter the country. Deportations began.

The response? Challenge the executive order.

The administration, however, hasn’t relinquished control.

The administration has also caused human misery through immigration enforcement.

President Trump says he will only deport “the worst of the worst” and prioritize those who have “committed serious crimes.” In a slight of hand, the  Trump administration has laid out a vision whereby 11 million undocumented people will be deported. And it’s expedited without due process. It causes frenzy.

The ACLU states the President of the United States and his administration rolls back civil rights for transgender students and was an abomination to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Source: President Trump’s Speech Last Night Ignored the Human Misery and Fear He Has Already Inflicted