This Group Is Coming For Everything Sean Hannity’s Got

Sean Hannity

Fox News is in a free fall, but its last beacon of hope to revive ratings is Sean Hannity. However, a far-left activist group has started a campaign dubbed “Stop Hannity,” and advertisers are already doubtful about pouring their money into the show.

Fox News’ Troubles

Over the past year, Fox News has faced a lot of trouble. From the sexual harassment scandal dogging the late CEO and founder Roger Ailes to allegations of sexual misconduct brought against prime time star Bill O’Reilly, which led to his termination.

Some executives also had to part ways with the network because of inappropriate behavior. Former Foxie Megyn Kelly left to join NBC, but her ratings continued to sink. Greta Van Susteren divorced Fox to tie the knot with MSNBC for a show that has been recently canceled.

Eric Bolling, who hosted two shows on Fox, was suspended for emailing lewd photos to his colleagues.

Fox News, which has been known for years for its conservative bias, however, refuses to stop defending President Trump and his close associates. Sean Hannity is trying to shield the president from allegations by saying that the DNC hack was an inside job.

Media Matters Targeting Hannity

The theory hasn’t been confirmed by an independent investigation, so critics are pushing back against Hannity. Media Matters has recently engineered a campaign to stop Fox from airing Hannity. The group was behind other successful campaigns against O’Reilly and Glen Beck, which led to their terminations. There may be hope yet!

On their website, Media Matters noted that Hannity has turned spreading misinformation into a business model. The Daily Beast reported that some Foxies are so disgruntled with Hannity that they would like to see him gone. Other unnamed sources told the Beast that the veteran Fox News host is “embarrassing” the network.
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