Adviser For Pro-Trump ‘America First’ Group Says The Nazis Didn’t Go Far Enough


Chances are you’ve never heard of Juan Pablo Andrade. He’s a fervent supporter of President Donald Trump and currently serves as a policy adviser to the pro-Trump group America First Policies. Oh, and Andrade is also a big fan of the Nazis.

In a newly released video obtained by Mediaite, Andrade is seen sitting at a desk and holding forth on the Third Reich, commenting:

“The only thing the Nazis didn’t get right is they didn’t keep fucking going!”

Ironically, Andrade is Hispanic, and would probably not have been welcome in Hitler’s Germany, where the perfect Aryan — blond hair and blue eyes — was idealized and thought to be genetically superior to all others.

As Mediaite notes:

“While it may seem odd that a political figure tied so closely to the Trump administration felt the freedom to endorse Nazi genocide on-camera, Andrade did so in distinctive company. Also in the hotel room was a close friend of Andrade’s, Cæsar Svbervi, an alt-right activist who participated in the Charlottesville white supremacist march and has been filmed with Richard Spencer.”

Andrade’s remarks came at a Turning Point USA conference, which draws speakers from across the conservative and alt-right spectrum. At its 2017 conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, some of the guests included Donald Trump Jr., Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Fox personality Tomi Lahren, and former Trump administration official Sebastian Gorka.

According to his LinkedIn account, Andrade has all sorts of connections to the Trump White House:

“He worked on Trump’s National Hispanic Advisory Council, Trump’s National Diversity Coalition, and the Trump campaign as a surrogate. [He] has shared his political opinions on NewsmaxTV, CNN Latino, and Univision. Additionally, he worked for TPUSA as the group’s Florida field director in 2015 and led the group’s informal Latino caucus in 2016.”

In other words, he’s just another typical Trumpkin who thinks he’s better than everyone else even though the evidence suggests he’s the one who needs to be placed on a deserted island along with all the other racist deplorables.

Watch the video and read the report from Mediaite at this link

Here’s Andrade proving his own willful ignorance on NewsmaxTV:

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab