After Comey, Democrats Hoping To Capitalize

Congressmen on Capitol Hill

After FBI Director James Comey’s abrupt ouster on Tuesday, a group of Republicans is terrified that the president’s decision may cost them their jobs. The lawmakers voiced their concerns that they might lose their positions in next year’s mid-term elections less than 48 hours after the GOP Commander-in-Chief sacked the FBI chief.

GOP Divided Over Comey’s Firing

The GOP initially praised the controversial decision, but it took only two days for serious cracks to appear in the pretense. On Thursday, several representatives and senators expressed their worst fear mainly on the social media.

Hours after Comey’s firing, Senator Jeff Flake (R.-AZ) tweeted that he had spent ‘several hours’ to find a logical explanation for the timing of Comey’s termination. “I just can’t do it,” Flake added.

The veteran GOP senator is not only a key member of the upper body of Congress, but he is also seeking re-election in November 2018. Flake is also reportedly targeted by the members of the Democratic Party who are now looking to overturn the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate.

House Republicans Concerned about their Future

GOP Representatives, however, are even more concerned the Democrats could be successful in dismantling the party’s majority in the lower chamber after Comey’s removal. Rep. Barbara Comstock (R.-VA), Rep. John Katko (R.-NY), and Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R.-FL) have all expressed concerns about the timing of the president’s decision and are afraid the move will cost them their job in 2018.

Comstock broke with many of her party colleagues and criticized the decision. She said she could neither “defend or explain” the president’s Tuesday actions concerning Comey. NY Rep. Katko said America deserves an explanation into the timing and encouraged the FBI to continue its investigation into allegations that Russia interfered with the November election. Rep. Curbelo called for an independent probe into the “extraordinary decision” to terminate Comey. He was also puzzled about the timing.
Image Source: Wikimedia