Top Aides Are Walking Away From The Vice President – Is There Trouble In Penceland?


Vice President Pence has largely managed to keep himself out of the political quagmire that plagues his boss. As Washington continues to be rocked by tales of betrayal and incompetence stemming from Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” little has been said about the VP.

It appears that, despite the rosy appearance, the trouble in the Trump administration, has spread to Pence World. Two top aides to the Vice President are leaving as the new year begins. Pence’s Chief of Staff Nick Ayers announced at a staff meeting the beginning of this week that longtime Pence staffers Mark Paoletta and Daris Meeks are leaving the Vice President’s office.

Paoletta has served as Pence’s chief lawyer and close adviser who advised the VP on all legal matters. An instrumental force behind the Gorsuch Supreme Court nomination, Paoletta was also part of the Trump transition team and was Pence’s outside counsel during his time in Congress. Paoletta will remain in government as the counsel for the Office of Management and Budget.

Meeks served as the vice president’s domestic policy director, advising the vice president on such crucial issues as tax reform and health care. Meeks is said to have also helped on the Trump-Pence campaign in the summer of 2016. He, like Paoletta, was a longtime aide to Pence, serving with the vice president his time as a congressman  Unlike his colleague, Meeks is expected to return to work in the private sector.

While staffing changes in Washington are not unheard of, these changes come at a time when the White House is facing increasing pressure in the Russia probe and questions as to the President’s fitness for office after the release of Wolff’s book.

Vice President Pence has a reputation for keeping himself out of the fray, but staffing changes such as these lead to the question: just how long can Pence tread water in this flailing administration?

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