Al Gore Pushes for New Healthcare System

Al Gore

The U.S. is one of the few countries in the West that lacks a universal healthcare system, and the Republican Party is trying hard to distance America even more from that goal. Democrats like former Vice President Al Gore have staunchly opposed those efforts.

Al Gore Pushes for A Single-Payer System

In Democratic circles, the idea of Medicare for all is increasingly popular, and Al Gore is the latest prominent member of the Democratic Party to push for the idea. During an interview promoting his next movie, the Democrat voiced support for the solution.

He noted that the private sector failed at offering affordable and quality healthcare for all.

I believe we ought to have single-payer healthcare,

He told reporters.

It is not the first time the politician endorses the idea. In 2002, two years after he ran for president, he started promoting the single-payer healthcare system. At the time, he said the U.S. healthcare system is in crisis, and a single payer healthcare system could help get the country out of that crisis.

Wording Is Very Important

More and more Americans are voicing support for the system, which the left colloquially calls “Medicare for All.” National polls show that voters like this phrase more than other wordings.

For instance, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey, 64% of respondents endorsed the idea of “Medicare for All,” while just 44% viewed positively the idea of a “single payer health insurance system,” even though the two terms refer to the same thing. Honestly, “Medicare for All” is much more catchy.

The same goes for “guaranteed universal health coverage” versus “socialized medicine,” with 57% respondents backing the former idea versus 38% endorsing the latter. Among Democrats, 53% view favorably the idea of Medicare for All, with just 21% supporting a “single payer health insurance system.”
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