Al Green Introduces Legislation To Stop Presidents


Al Green is making the headlines after he just pulled a major move that will have us all jumping for joy. He is introducing legislation that prevents presidents from pardoning themselves. After all, no one should have that kind of power.

It is Legally Possible

Over the past week, Trump has been eyeing up pardoning himself since we’re getting closer and closer to finally nailing him to the wall on his Russian connections. It’s been reported by multiple sources, including some White House advisers, that Trump was looking into pardoning not only himself but his family and some aides. Trump’s lawyers have determined that it is legally possible for the Chief Cheeto to pardon himself since it is not clear in the U.S. Constitution of the extent of the president’s pardoning powers. It’s also not a situation that any of the Founding Fathers or Penmen’s of the Constitution planned for.

Green: ‘No One Is Above The Law’

Green was quoted saying, “no one is above the law” which should be true of anyone in our government. He believes that the president being able to pardon himself would make the U.S. “a country of laws for all but the president.” This would then mean that the president would be law, and Green states, “To allow such would not only place the President above the law, it would make the President his own final judge, jury, and prosecutor.” Or executioner if you’re into that.

Trump isn’t even sweating about the proposed bill since he and his lawyer Jay Sekulow say that no one is even investigating this issue. On Sunday Sekulow stated, “We’re not researching the issue because the issue of pardons is not on the table. There’s nothing to pardon from.” Yeah…right. Insert Dr. Evil meme here. When Green was asked about why he’s pushing hard for this bill he said, “love for my country.” We love our country too Green, and right now we love it so much we want Trump impeached and his whole crew exiled to Siberia.