Aleppo Death Toll Continues to Rise, 26 New Victims Reported

Aleppo death toll

The Aleppo death toll continues to grow, as authorities continue to find victims of the airstrike that hit the city earlier this week.

Among the 26 victims are six children. Nine people suffered injuries, and some of them are in critical condition, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

So far, it’s unclear who was behind the airstrikes. The US and its supporters blame the Syrian regime and Russia. But there’s little to no evidence to back their claims.

According to SOHR reports, the northern Syrian town was hit by barrel bombs, as the conflict between the Syrian regime and the rebels continues. Throughout the conflict, barrel bombs have been the weapon of choice for the Syrian forces.

This recent airstrike comes after an equally terrifying weekend. During Saturday and Sunday, 85 people died, and around 300 were injured. The recent rise of the Aleppo death toll prompted the UN Council to meet in a special crisis meeting.

During this meeting, Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General  and  Samantha Power, US Ambassador to the UN both offered their accounts of the brutality of the Syrian regime’s offensive. They described the siege of Aleppo as “barbaric”.

Ban argued that the use of bombs and incendiary weapons in the densely populated area could constitute a war crime.

Power supported Ban’s statement, and criticized Russia’s support for Bashar-al Assad, the current Syrian President. She stated that “What Russia is sponsoring is not counterterrorism, it is barbarism”

Aleppo Death Toll Will Continue to Grow

Aleppo is home to more than 250.000 people. However, the once bustling norther Syrian city is now desolate. Resources are stretched out thin, and the price of food has increased dramatically. The local council hands out bread on occasion.

The city faces a severe lack of aid and medical staff as well. There are now only 20 doctors left in the entire city, and medical supplies are running low as well. This is one other reason why the Aleppo death toll continues to rise. Many victims do not have access to proper medical care, and medics simply cannot deal with the large number of casualties. As a result, many injured survivors die because of their wounds.

The continued battering of the city also makes it difficult for volunteers to save victims trapped underneath the rubble. They cannot mount attempt to stay too long searching for survivors, for fear that they too will be caught underneath the crumbling buildings of the city.

Earlier this month, a fragile cease fire order took effect. US and Russia were the ones to broker the deal. But the cease fire lasted less than a week. The incident that reignited the conflict was an attack on a supply convoy. No one has claimed responsibility for that incident yet. The US, however, called it an accident. But they seem to indicate that it was the Syrian government that was behind the end of the ceasefire.

Al-Assad claimed that he has no interest in a ceasefire, but that he would agree to one. In spite of these claims, the conflict continues to intensify in the city of Aleppo.

Image Source: Flickr