Amazon Wows Customers with 35 Days of ‘Black Friday’ Deals

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Over the years, Black Friday has steadily morphed from one day of shopping frenzy into a multiple-day shopping extravaganza. But Amazon has pushed the tradition to whole new levels. It recently vowed to offer 35 straight days of Black Friday deals along with many other surprises.

The e-commerce giant apparently wants to turn every day into a ‘Black Friday.’ Besides rock bottom prices, the retailer promised surprise deals every five minutes through Thanksgiving and beyond. The deals will last until Dec. 22, the company’s website states.

Deals are Pouring

But the best days to get a deal will be the so-called “Turkey Five,” which represents the period between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. Reportedly, Amazon plans to crash prices mostly for electronics, clothing, and toys.

However, Amazon is not the only one to lure in customers with amazing deals. Macy’s has already started to unveil “preview doorbusters” on Nov. 17. E-bay quickly followed suit, while Wal-Mart offered first deals on Nov. 4. In addition, Target offers shipping discounts, coupons and gift cards the entire month until the end of December.

Analysts explained retailers use extend their sales as more than half of customers start Christmas shopping by early November. According to an analysis from ShippingEasy, 56.6% of U.S. shoppers started holiday shopping in November.

The National Retail Federation found the number may be lower (41%). The group also found that 40 percent of shoppers started looking for gifts as soon as Halloween. In addition, this figure hasn’t changed in the last 14 years.

Nevertheless, experts cannot say why exactly Americans shop so early. There are several hypotheses. Some shoppers said they did it out of convenience because they don’t have to fight crowds several days before Christmas.

Also, there are shoppers who have budget reasons to do so, while other shoppers need time to make a good decision on what gift to buy for their loved ones. In addition some shoppers want to spend the time during holidays with their families and friends instead of raiding aimlessly the shops for the perfect item.

And last but not least, the possibility of shopping on-line has changed shopping habits of Americans regardless of their psychological reasons. Shoppers are now less willing to wait.

Some Retailers to Stay Closed on Thanksgiving

On the other hand, not every American agrees with turning the final months of every year into a giant sale fest. Many shoppers are upset about the outrageous levels of Christmas creep in recent years. And there are several retailers that agree. For the sake of their employees, several stores including TJ Maxx, Office Depot, Nordstrom and REI vowed not to work on Thanksgiving Day.

These retailers think it is more important to allow employees spend quality time with their families instead of battling scores of impatient customers. Also, the national holiday will give employees a well-deserved break before the Black Friday rush. Some retailers think the strategy will boost loyalty and engagement to the business among workers.

Image Source: Pixabay