Poll: Americans Think Trump Is Too Cozy With This Hate Group

Presidential candidate Donald Trump

According to the freshest round of polling since the Charlottesville attack, nearly as many Americans believe POTUS is excessively cozy with white nationalists and approve of his job performance.

Trump Supports White Nationalists

Americans reached this conclusion after the Aug.12 Charlottesville incident, the president’s fondness of white nationalists, and his weak initial response after the attack, in which he failed to condemn white supremacy, Neo-Nazism, and other extreme movements.

What’s more, Trump added more fuel to the fire when Tuesday when he compared Nazis with civil rights activists. The Huffington Post/YouGov poll reflects the nation’s take on the recent developments.

Poll numbers are quite clear: 31% of respondents, or nearly one in three Americans, think the President personally supports white nationalists and their views. 21% think he opposes white nationalists. 24% think the President doesn’t take sides on the issue, while just as many are not sure.

When asked about Charlottesville, most Americans believe Trump mishandled the tragedy. Many Americans noticed that Trump was more vocal when he denounced Nordstrom for boycotting his daughter’s brand than he was the White supremacist that killed an innocent woman during last Saturday’s protest.

Nearly Half of Americans Think Trump’s Initial Response Was Weak

The new poll confirms the trend: 48% of respondents said they would have wanted to hear Trump condemn Neo-Nazis, white supremacy, and the KKK in his initial statement. A quarter believes Trump did the right thing at the right time, while 21% are not sure.

When we compare the poll’s numbers with Trump’s job approval rating, we get a depressing big picture for the President. 34% of Americans approve of Trump’s job. But since there is a 4% margin of error, it means that there are as many Americans that think the President is too friendly with white nationalists as those who approve of his job as the nation’s chief executive.
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