America’s Largest Seniors Group Reacts to Trumpcare’s Passing

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The largest seniors group in America, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), had a stark warning for every Republican that even thinks of voting for the bill on the Senate floor.

A Bill that Just Got Worse

In an ad released hours after Trump cares passing in the U.S. House, the AARP stated that the American Health Care Act has just morphed from a “bad deal” into an agreement that “just got worse.” The ad was catered for senior constituents in a swing district in Virginia which is represented by a Republican that opposed the bill, Barbara Comstock. The ad thanks the congresswoman for opposing the measure repeatedly.

Comstock voiced her opposition to the first version of the bill hours before the vote. At the time, she noted that the Americans are already paying through the nose for healthcare, and criticized the bill for hiking healthcare costs by up to $2,500 for patients with pre-existing conditions.

She blasted the removal of the Obama-era protections of this group of patients and criticized the replacement for being an “age tax” which will enable insurers to overcharge seniors by up to five times more.

That’s bad enough, but it gets worse,”

The AARP ad says, adding that while America’s elderly are forced out of insurance, drug and insurance companies are granted enormous tax breaks. The ad ends with an invitation to call Comstock and thank her.

The AARP Fights Back

On the same day, the organization informed its 38 million plus members that it is “deeply disappointed” with today’s’ vote. The group reiterated that the healthcare bill would put an “age tax” on seniors as they age, and added that 25 million of older Americans that have a pre-existing condition will be at risk as healthcare will become unaffordable to them.

As a retaliatory measure, the AARP pledged to inform all of its members on how each of their elected representatives voted on the bill via print publications, emails, the group’s newsletter, and social media. The group wants to hold those congressmen accountable by helping its members to vote them out of the office.
Image Source: Pixabay