Another Top Executive Out At Fox News Is Out As Purge Continues

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Amid a massive sexual harassment scandal which shook the network to its core, Fox News sacked former CEO Roger Ailes, prime time star Bill O’Reilly, and now it is reportedly forcing Ailes’ replacement, Bill Shine, out too.

It is unclear if Shine was terminated or he resigned- this tiny detail largely depends on whose version of the story you believe. But, people familiar with the matter said the top executive was caught orchestrating smear campaigns against Ailes and O’Reilly’s accusers, and helping the disgraced Foxies get away with their conduct. Sources said that Shine’s downfall started a long time ago but not it has become official.

Reportedly, Shine will be replaced with two of the network’s veteran employees: Suzanne Scott and Jay Wallace. Scott will manage the programming, while Wallace will be in charge with the news division.

Fox chairman Rupert Murdoch confirmed the ouster in a memo in which he described the departing executive as somebody who “was liked and respected by everybody at Fox News.”

It is worth noting that Scott will be the network’s first female president. Fox likely promoted her to address the bad publicity coming from the sexual harassment scandal. However, currently, there are dozens of lawsuits alleging racial and gender discrimination by Fox News employees. Moreover, Sean Hannity is on the hot seat over sexual harassment charges.

When he heard about Shine’s departure, he tweeted:

Hannity’s tweet gives the impression that he may soon be out too. The Daily Beast claims insiders said Hannity would leave by the end of the week. If that piece of information is confirmed, this means Fox is the fastest-crumbling cable network ever. It is worth noting; the company has lost other prime time stars in the blink of an eye: Greta Van Susteren, Gretchen Carlson, and Megyn Kelly. So, it will be somewhat difficult for Fox to maintain rating leadership at this pace.
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