Appeals Court to Trump Slaps Trump

President Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence

A federal appeals court killed the president anti-Muslim travel ban for the second time this year. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals refused to green-light the ban on visitors and refugees coming from six countries with a high risk of terrorism.

Immigration Not a One-Person Show

The Trump administration now wants the Supreme Court to have the final say on the contentious issue. It has just submitted a May ruling from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals for review to the nation’s highest court.

Both courts struck down the ban, but the reasoning differed. But the same conclusion was largely the same. The Fourth Circuit ruled against the ban because it violates the First Amendment which bars the government from interfering with people’s religion.

On Monday, the Ninth Circuit held that the president “exceeded the scope of authority delegated to him by Congress” when he issued the ban. The court’s three-judge panel underlined that “Immigration, even for the President, is not a one-person show.”

A Highly Controversial Travel Ban

Trump’s critics have blasted his travel ban more than once. They even sued the administration to overturn the ban – first, one week after Trump was sworn in, and second, after Trump revised the travel ban order on March 6.

Critics claim the travel ban is a “Muslim ban” in disguise. On the other hand, the DOJ claims that the president’s revised travel ban is no attempt to fulfill his campaign promise of extreme vetting of Muslim entries into the country.

Trump had stern message to the nation’s courts on June 4, when he urged them to “stop being politically” correct for the sake of national security. He sent out the message via Twitter one day after this year’s London terrorist attack.

The Fourth Circuit, still, upheld its decision that the ban was discriminatory against Muslims, and therefore unconstitutional. Yet, the Ninth Circuit judges did not rely on that argument.
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