As GOP Grows Disenchanted with Trump, Impeachment May Be Nearing

President Donald Trump and the Iraqi Prime Minister

More and more Republicans are distancing themselves from Trump especially after his erratic actions over the last week. According to a Politics report, the president has managed to unite the GOP, and the Democratic Party like very few presidents have done before him.

Impeachment Looming

This means that the prospect of an impeachment is getting closer to reality each passing day. In addition, rumor has it that the Commander in Chief provided two top Russian officials with “highly classified material” during an official visit last week.

The Washington Post reports that Trump’s reckless actions put at risk a key spy who has offered the U.S. valuable info on the Islamic State. The info Trump shared with the Russians is so “sensitive” that not even the United States’ allies know about it, while most top-ranking U.S. government officials have a very restricted access to it.

However, not only last week’s developments disgruntled Republicans. Sources claim the GOP started to turn their backs on Trump long before his election victory. For instance, Sen. Susan Collins (R.-ME), who opposed the Trump campaign, said in August that she refuses to back the campaign because the Republican did not stick up for “historical Republican values” which help mend the divisions. Collins also said at the time that she was worried about Trump camp’s connections to the Russian government.

Republicans ‘Scared’ of Trump

The Washington Post confirmed Trump has sparked fear in the hearts of many Republicans. According to several “prominent Republicans” quoted by The Post, Trump ‘scared’ his colleagues with his impulsive behavior. The GOP thinks FBI Director James Comey’s firing was caused by Trump’s “kind of vengeful, brooding [attitude] about past slights.”

The Post also said many within the GOP see Trump as either a “Nixon on steroids” or as a president whose presidency lacks any guard rails.

A lot of people are scared. And they wonder, ‘how do we get out of this’?,

a source told The Post.
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