The Person Behind The Michael Cohen Raid Is Republican… And A Trump Appointee


In the wake of an FBI raid on one of his most trusted confidants, the president repeatedly attempts to smear Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into him, his associates, and possible collusion with Russia in the 2016 presidential campaign as a “witch hunt.”

However, according to a report by Huffington Post, U.S. attorney Geoffrey Berman, a man President Trump himself appointed:

“The raid was executed by the office of the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York. The man running that office, interim U.S. attorney Geoffrey Berman, is a Trump appointee whom the president personally met with when he was up for the job. Berman also donated $5,400 to Trump’s presidential campaign.

But later that day, ABC News noted that Berman recused himself from the investigation. According to the New York Times, Rod Rosenstein instead green-lighted the recusal, and handled the raid on Cohen:

ABC News reported Tuesday that Berman, however, has been recused from the Cohen matter.”

Furthermore, the claim that the Russia investigation is a partisan witch hunt doesn’t stand up to scrutiny – considering that both Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein are Republicans.

Not to mention Trump announced his intention to nominate Rosenstein at the end of January of 2017, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions swore him in in April that year.

George W. Bush appointed Mueller as head of the FBI, and Rosenstein worked under presidents Bush and Obama, and Trump nominated him. The president also attacked Andrew McCabe, deputy director of the FBI, for an investigation he calls the “fake and corrupt,” firing him two days shy of his retirement – and his pension.

McCabe is also a Republican.

Two things the president has made very clear he does not understand is:

  1. That government officials serve the presidency, not the president, and
  2. That the Russia investigation is the rule of law, and his attempts to undermine it are clearly attempts to subvert that rule.

On the campaign trail, the president called himself the “law and order candidate,” reminiscent of Richard Nixon, who said the same thing. However, now that the rule of law is conducting a raid on the offices of one of his oldest and most trusted friends, the president appears to feel very differently.

Image provided via YouTube screenshot.