Midnight Removal: Baltimore Takes Down Confederate Statues


Some statues are missing from Baltimore this morning after they were taken away in the middle of the night. All four of Baltimore’s Confederate statues were removed and shipped elsewhere.

Quiet Removal

The Baltimore City council unanimously voted Monday night to remove all of Baltimore’s Confederate statues. The debate of removing them has been going on for over a year. City crews began the removal at 11:30 pm Tuesday night and finished around 5:30 am Wednesday morning, according to the Baltimore Sun. Hours before the removal, Trump defended white nationalism and the protesters who gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia. The original protest was for the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue. Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh stated the city moved “as quickly as we could” to rid the city of the monuments. “It’s done,” Pugh told the Baltimore Sun. “They needed to come down. My concern is for the safety and security of our people.”

More than 1,000 people marched in protest on Sunday to demand the city finally remove the offensive memorials. Days later, police officers kept watch as city workers dismantled the monuments. Many videos and viral photos have circulated about the removal. All that remains now of the four statues are the bases they sat on. For now, it’s unclear what will happen to the statues but Pugh has suggested they may end up in a Confederate cemetery.

Now several cities are considering removing their statues before more violence erupts including Memphis, Lexington, Jacksonville, and Washington D.C. The Hollywood Forever Cemetary is one of the oldest cemeteries in L.A. and they also plan to remove their monument honoring Confederate veterans.



Source: Huffington Post



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