BangFit by Pornhub Will Keep You Fit

"BangFit by Pornhub presentation"
BangFit will show you the moves via these interactive cartoons.

One of the most popular online porn websites has created a new fitness program with a twist. Bangfit by Pornhub will keep you fit while also spicing up your relationship. The program, which works on desktops, laptops, and tablets, basically performs like Wii Fit, only with sex instead of tennis.

Sedentariness is one of the biggest problems of our century. People work sitting down, they take the car wherever they go, and don’t make time to go to the gym, or work out regularly. However, couples always make time for intimate relations, and Pornhub decided to combine the pleasure of sex with the necessity of working out.

The BangFit by Pornhub will keep you fit as a fiddle while also bringing novelty to your bedroom activities. The clever combination of gaming, fitness, technology, and sex brings a whole new meaning to the concept of “burning calories.”

The latest Pornhub innovation is easy to use. All you need a special adjustable band, a smartphone that has the app installed, and the BangFit. When you decide to start a workout routine, you and your partner, or partners, just have to put on the band, start the app, and try to follow the sex exercises that are presented on the screen.

The BangFit app measures the way in which the players move, so if one of the positions is done incorrectly, they will be notified on screen. On the other hand, when the activity is done correctly, the players will be shown the points they gathered.

At the end of the routine, the app displays the total score and the number of calories that the participants burned. Just like in any other game, players are able to share their scores on social media, compare them with those of other players, and see where they rank.

Those who are more competitive by nature will be able to fight for the “Porn God” title. It’s not yet clear if the title is awarded on a single mode, or if you can combine the three modes that are available (single player, two players, and multiplayer).

BangFit by Pornhub will keep you fit no matter your sexual orientation. The tutorial program features a wide variety of choices so that everybody will be able to work out and be happy about it.

For more info about the game, you can check out Pornhub’s presentation video embedded below.

Image source: YouTube