BUSTED: Steve Bannon under ‘Active Criminal’ Investigation

President's chief strategist Steve Bannon

Trump’s most trusted adviser Steve Bannon is currently under an “active criminal” investigation for voter registration fraud. The Miami-Dade County state attorney’s office found that the White House chief strategist was registered to vote in Florida but never lived there.

Washington Post investigative journalists found that the media executive registered as a voter in Florida, where he had a home he never visited. But he also has an apartment in New York where he is also registered. What’s more, Bannon led a semi-nomadic life between Washington D.C. and New York before he became Trump campaign’s CEO in August 2016.

Bannon Never Visited His Florida House

Sources said Bannon was registered as a voter at a home in Florida that was inhabited by his third ex-wife. The former Breitbart News executive reportedly paid his wife $5,500 to occupy the estate every month. Bannon told the landlord that he was living there too but he had to travel a lot.

Neighbors, on the other hand, said they never saw him visit the property. Before his wife left, the house was the scene of odd incidents like taken from a horror movie script, The Post reports. Neighbors said they heard loud noises all night long coming from the house, they saw strange visitors, and the police confirmed ex-boyfriends stalked the mansion.

There were also reports of property damage worth thousands of dollars. The landlord also said that when Bannon’s ex-wife moved out, the house had damaged padlocked doors and one of its bathtubs looked like it was filled with acid. The Florida house Bannon is registered at is now empty and due to be demolished.

In Florida, if a voter submits false information when they register to vote they risk up to five years behind bars. The crime is a three-degree felony in The Sunshine State.

The Investigation Could Lead Nowhere

According to the Miami Herald, however, the investigation could not lead to prosecution in Bannon’s case as he never cast a ballot in Florida. The wording used by The Post’s sources – “active criminal” investigation – suggests prosecutors take the probe very seriously. However, in Florida, it is not unusual for prosecutors to close out an investigation after many months even though they had found nothing. So far, it has passed six months, and Bannon’s probe is ongoing.

According to a separate report, the presidential adviser was removed from Florida’s voter rolls in January since he featured on the rolls of the New York state. Authorities made the correction after a notification from NYC authorities.

In New York, the president’s chief strategist is registered as voter at a rented apartment in Manhattan. Sources said Bannon landed on New York voter rolls before the presidential election, but after he had been registered in Florida.

According to a report, he voted for Trump in New York. The Post found that Bannon had sent a letter to Florida election officials to remove him from the lists one day before Nov. 8. Florida officials declined to receive such letter, but they added that they removed him from the rolls after they learned about his dual registration from the media.
Image Source: Salon