Bernie Sanders Calls For Trump To Join Senator Franken and Others

Gayle King and Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the country’s most popular active elected official, said what we all hoped and what needed to be said in the wake of the building pressure for Senator Al Franken to resign amid sexual misconduct allegations. The truth of the matter is clear: Donald Trump should resign too. Ultimately, the issue isn’t, or shouldn’t, anyway, be a political one. It should be about valuing and preserving the ethics and integrity of the United States as well as protecting the civil rights and equality of women and all Americans.

Sanders, the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, appeared on CBS This Morning to discuss, with obvious disgust, the Republican tax plans, which only 24% of Americans believe will help them and their families. While that was the main topic of the segment, the conversation touched on the allegations against Franken, and that’s where it got intense.

Sanders had previously left the choice “up to Minnesota” to determine Franken’s fate but later changed his mind, joining with 35 Democrats to call for Franken to step down after more accusations of unwanted groping and kissing were revealed. NBC called it “a stampede to drive Franken from office.”

Sanders noted that the problem of sexual misconduct and harassment against women is pervasive in America, and must be dealt with, from famous and powerful people to average Americans across the country.

“I think what we’ve got to recognize is that this is a problem not only impacting high profile men,” said Sanders. “What I worry about right now, as we speak, is that in restaurants and in offices all over this country, where you have bosses that are not famous, there is harassment of women. Women are being intimidated, and we need a cultural revolution in this country.”

Gayle King asked Sanders what his take was on the current disparity, with Trump endorsing a man accused of pedophilia, Roy Moore, while Franken is under intense pressure to leave his Senate position for charges less serious than pedophilia.

“We have a President of the United States who acknowledged on a tape, widely seen all over this country, that he assaulted women. So I would hope that maybe the President of the United States might pay attention to what’s going on and also think about resigning,” said Sanders. “But if you point is it’s not just Al Franken, you’re absolutely right.”

Sanders goes on to lambast the “absurd Republican tax proposal,” and you can see how frustrated Sanders is, as we all rightfully are. The GOP has sunk to the lowest level morally in modern history, failing to represent average Americans, and complicit with men who should resign or drop out of the race, in Moore’s case. If they had any shame, integrity, or sense of patriotism at all, they would see they must be held to higher standards. That applies to the President too, and it’s egregious that we must remind him of it.

See the video below:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube