Bette Midler Turns Political Witch In Wake of Harvey


Did Bette Midler turn into Winifred Sanderson for real? For those who’ve been swooping around the Twitterverse in the last couple of days, it might seem like someone’s put a spell on her.

From beloved Broadway diva to cold-hearted crone, Bette Midler has sunk low since she tweeted “no aid for them!” about those who suffered in the recent Houston landfall of Hurricane Harvey.

According to Midler, those in Harvey’s path should be denied federal aid because they distrust the federal government. Maybe it’s a new scheme to save our national deficit, to only provide aid to those who support the federal government, but it’s cruel.

According to Midler, only those who stand with the government should receive aid. How does she know who they are? Will she make them swear their allegiance? Wear a badge?

Her tweet made the rounds and was ripped apart by the Twitterverse.

If you have a bigger heart than Bette Midler, or, say—the Grinch—and want to know what you can do to help those affected by Harvey, NPR put together this list of ways you can help out.

Source: Twitchy

Image Source: By Alan Light [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons