Bipartisan Group ‘Problem Solvers’ Have A Plan About Healthcare

GOP healthcare
Republican representatives in a conference discussing the Healthcare act

The bipartisan group for healthcare, the Problem Solvers, have stated that Congress needs to act quickly in order to stabilize the individual health care market.

The 5-Point Plan

They have released a 5-point plan that would abandon the repeal of the ACA, while boosting spending, repeal one tax, and relax regulations. The group consists of over 40 House members of both parties and is co-chaired by Rep. Tom Reed of New York and Rep. Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey. The caucus itself is built around the agreement that once members reach a consensus on health care issues, they pledge to vote as a bloc. That could easily sway a closed vote in the House after the previous health care vote bombed.

“We locked arms to continue the fight for the American people, their families, and their healthcare,” Reed said. It is currently unclear what success the group will have since the House is now on recess until after Labor Day and the Trump administration is making cost-sharing reduction payments on a month-to-month basis.

The Healthcare Prescription Points

• Provide mandatory funding for “cost sharing reduction” payments to insurance companies to hold down out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles and co-payments in Obamacare plans for households earning below 250% of the poverty level;

• Create a stability fund that states can use to reduce premiums and limit insurer losses, especially for people with pre-existing conditions;

• Change the mandate that employers provide coverage to apply only to companies with 500 or more employees, compared with the current 50-employee threshold, and define a full-time workweek as 40 hours, up from 30 hours;

• Repeal the 2.3% sales tax on medical devices;

• Modify sections of the Affordable Care Act to make it easier for states to innovate and enter into compacts to allow for the sale of coverage across state lines.

Hopefully, the members will come to an agreement and we will have better healthcare for the American people.

Source: USA Today