Blood on the Senator’s Floor: Police Forcibly Remove Trumpcare Protesters

Obamacare protester

Thursday morning has become a mess when it comes to the healthcare repeal. Protestors crowded around Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office after the bill was released.

Police Forcibly Remove Them

U.S. Capitol Police removed the protesters from McConnell’s office, but they were less than nice about it.  The protesters planned to stage a “die-in” There are tweets from the scene as well as video. Police blocked the hallway outside of Mcconnell’s office and became much rougher than they should have. One protestor who wouldn’t leave on their own was picked up and carried out by police, many in wheelchairs were pushed out against their will and blood can be seen on the floors from the police’s actions.

This is a terrifying and heated situation that did not need to be escalated by the police. The new bill plans to have significant cuts to Medicaid programs. It is estimated that 23 million people will become uninsured due to the repeal.