Senator Bob Corker Laughs At Trump’s Pathetic 2020 Campaign Fundraising Effort


Outgoing Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) hilariously avoided answering whether or not he would support President Donald Trump in 2020 during an interview on CNN Thursday morning.

Trump announced that he would be seeking re-election earlier this year and has even revealed his 2020 campaign slogan: “Keep America Great.”

But when asked by host Alisyn Camerota if he will support Trump, Corker wondered if Trump will actually seek another term, assuming he isn’t impeached before then. Camerota asked:

“Do you support today President Trump running for reelection?”

Corker responded that:

“Well, look, who knows whether the president is even going to run.”

The CNN host informed Corker, leading him to joke about how CNN is taking Trump at his word:

“He’s announced he’s going to run.”

Corker laughingly said:

“Well now, surely CNN is not taking at face value anything that comes out of the White House all of the sudden.”

Camerota replied:

“Shouldn’t we test the president when he says he’s running for re-election?”

But Corker insisted that he doesn’t know if Trump will really run and said that he wants to see who the other contenders are before making a decision.

Corker said:

“I have no idea whether the president runs for re-election nor what the field will be like on the Republican side. So I think it is way too early to weigh in on whom one might support.”

Camerota told Corker that Trump raised $4 million so far, so it seems like he is running in 2020. It should be pointed out that Trump has been spending campaign funds to pay his legal bills stemming from the Russia investigation, so Trump could end up with less to use in 2020.

That number didn’t mean squat to Corker and he proceeded to mock it.

“Well, $4 million is a speck of sand in the ocean as it relates to these kind of things. Any president that is 18 months into his term is likely to say they are going to run for reelection. They don’t want to be viewed as a lame duck.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Indeed, if Trump were to say he isn’t running, Republicans would be scrambling to distance themselves from him and it could even hurt his legislative agenda.

Of course, if Democrats take control of the House and Senate after the election in November, Trump’s agenda will stall anyway.

It would be surprising if Corker were to support Trump in 2020. After all, he has been a major critic of Trump since he took office.

After Trump lashed out at him on Twitter last October, the Tennessee senator fired back with a tweet of his own that drew wide praise.

Would Corker really choose to support a man who requires an “adult day care,” especially since Trump has repeatedly attacked him? If so, Corker’s legacy would be that of a Trump enabler who didn’t even have the courage to reject Trump in retirement.

We’ll just have to wait until 2020 to find out. Again, that’s assuming Trump makes it to 2020.

Corker is retiring at the end of the current session.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot