Ultimate Ears Boom Speakers Updated with Google and Siri Integration


boom 2

Both the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 and the Megaboom Bluetooth speakers are getting a pretty sweet software enhancement this week. Thanks to an OTA update and an app refresh, users can now access Google Now or Siri by simply pushing a button on the speakers themselves.

As long as the devices are connected through the UE app, they should respond to your commands. Given that both models are IPX7 water resistant, this update makes them perfect for pool or beach time, allowing you to keep the phone or tablet dry at all times.

You can also use the Siri and Google Now integration to find a specific song you want the speaker to play without having to look for your phone and input the lock screen code.

The new feature has brought the Ultimate Ears speakers to a whole new level, right up there with devices like the Amazon Tap, which also requires the push of a button to access Alexa, its virtual assistant.

In spite of the fact that the service does work, reviewers have already found some issues that leave room for improvement. For instance, the smartphone might have trouble connecting to the speaker, but turning the Bluetooth off and on again should get things sorted.

Even though the UE app has yet to update its “How To” section for the new feature, it’s not difficult to use it. Quick pressing the small Bluetooth button located on the top of the speaker should result in an audible prompt – the same as when you say “OK Google.”

The Bluetooth and the power button will both flash during your interactions with the speaker. If you’re using the voice control functionality while playing music, the device will pause and listen for your command.

You can ask the virtual assistant to play the next song, or a specific request you wish to listen to, as well as inquire if there are any Chinese restaurants nearby.

One hiccup that UE needs to fix is the fact that, if you drop into vocal command mode while the music is playing, the device does not resume the song you were listening to after you finished interacting with it.

All-in-all, this new integration seems like a decent addition to two stellar Bluetooth speakers, at least when it works well.
Image Source: CNET