Brazile Says Russian Hackers Besieged DNC Servers ‘Daily, Hourly’

Interim DNC chair Donna Brazile

On Sunday, interim DNC chair Donna Brazile disclosed Russian hackers attacked the organization’s computers ‘daily, hourly’ into the Election Day. Brazile’s remarks are at odds with Obama administration’s findings that hackers ceased the attacks in September.

Administration officials had said hackers backed down after President Barack Obama urged his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to stop. In a recent ABC interview, Brazile said hackers tried to breach the system “repeatedly.”

“They came after us absolutely every day until the end of the election,”

she told ABC’s Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz.

Obama’s Version

Two days earlier, Obama told reporters that Russia halted its attacks on U.S. election servers in early September. He reportedly met with Putin in China and talked the matter with the Russian leader in private. He also reportedly threatened Putin to stop or face the consequences.

Obama added that the intelligence community hasn’t spotted any attempts to tamper with the election process since. He noted the WikiLeaks hacks had already happened.

Brazile expressed her support for a bipartisan investigation into the hacking, but complained about the federal government’s timid efforts to protect the DNC and its servers. She noted that a ‘foreign adversary’ besieged DNC’s servers, so it is the U.S. government’s duty to protect the institution.

Brazile Takes Aim at Trump

Shortly afterwards, Brazile blasted Donald Trump for using the data from the hacks to ‘sow division’ in America.

“The emails were weaponized,”

she said about the stolen DNC emails and dump of a top Hillary Clinton aide’s emails.

Brazile added she is very disappointed with president-elect for his decision to repeatedly use the stolen data. She noted Trump used the emails as if they were “daily talking points.”

Nevertheless, the DNC chair declined to put the blame on Russian hackers for Clinton’s loss. She told ABC’s Raddatz that the New York billionaire somehow “cracked the blue wall.” So, the Democratic party now has a lot to fix in traditionally blue states that this year voted for the Republican: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

DNC Takes Responsibility for the Hack

Brazile, however, acknowledged the DNC is partially responsible for the hacks because it failed to address vulnerabilities in its infrastructure. Brazile said, ever since she took over the DNC as chair, she had to apologize and take ‘full responsibility’ for the leaks.

After saying that the hack “outraged” her, she said it is better to focus on the “appropriate steps” to prevent similar incidents in the future. She added the U.S. needs the type of cybersecurity experts that can ensure the country stays protected.

On Sunday, she urged Congress in a letter to approve a separate, bipartisan investigation into the matter. The same day, Trump’s transition team said they are in disbelief about the findings that Russia might have hacked DNC’s and Podesta’s computers to help Trump win the election.

Reince Priebus called the entire affair a “spin job” by Democrats who refuse to “look in the mirror” and admit they lost. On Sunday night, Trump tweeted that if his fans had acted like Clinton supporters did in the wake of the election they the media would have trashed them.

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