Candid Camera: New Bill Aims to Prevent White House From Barring Media

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer

And the bills just keep coming. A Connecticut representative just introduced a new bill that would require the White House to hold at least two televised press briefings a week. This comes in response to the current administration’s stance on press access.

The Free Press Act

Now we all know the U.S. Consitution says there is to be freedom of the press. Trump as he often does ignores laws, goes against the Constitution and his own followers don’t even know the Declaration of Independence. “The Free Press Act” was issued by Rep. Jim Himes and comes in the wake of Trump’s actions against the “fake news.” The White House has repeatedly prohibited journalists and news media from televising the briefings, as well as not being allowed to audio record, Some journalists and news sources have even been barred from the briefings altogether since Trump sees them as “fake news” even though more truth has come from them than Trump has ever known in his lifetime.

The Trump administration’s on-camera press briefings have been sporadic even though they are an unspoken requirement. Trump has had only 71 briefings so far while at this same point in their presidencies Barack Obama had 114, George W. Bush had 74, and Bill Clinton had 152. Himes said he introduced the bill because “the White House had begun to dramatically, and in an historically unprecedented way, reduce the media and therefore the American people’s access to the thinking of the president. And that’s not healthy. So now is that time.” Well, he’s got a point but honestly, with the Presidential Twitter, we always know what’s going through the Dumpster’s mind.

In February after the barring of some news outlets, Himes expressed his devotion to free press under Trump’s administration:

“There’s some things you don’t compromise on. you don’t compromise on certain principles, you don’t compromise on freedom of the press, you don’t compromise on treating people of different religions the same.”

Himes notes that he doesn’t expect the bill to garner much support from the Republicans but he’ll keep pushing it anyway.

Source: Huffington Post