Caught Kremlin Handed: Trump’s Private Lawyer Faces Conflict-of-Interest in Kushner Deal


Trump’s connections to the Kasowitz’s law firm go much deeper than just his personal attorney, and it’s raising a lot of questions about potential conflict of interest issues. One of its partners, David Friedman, was appointed by Trump as the Ambassador to Israel. And it starts to go deeper.

Trump’s private lawyer he hired for the Russian investigation is the head of a law firm involved in the sale of a prestigious piece of New York property. The sale was made to son-in-law Jared Kushner, and the deal can fall under the same scrutiny. Marc Kasowitz is a member of the New York bar and has represented Trump in his business dealings for 15 years. He was brought on board to give Trump legal advice regarding the Russian investigation and has placed him in the legal storm of collusion between Trump and Russia.

The Ties Are A Huge Spider Web

Trump considered senior counsel Joe Lieberman as the director of the FBI after Comey’s firing. Lieberman cited potential conflicts of interest because of his ties with Kasowitz and pulled out of the running. Another partner, Edward McNally, is now reportedly vying to replace Preet Bharara for the U.S. attorney for the southern district of New York. ProPublica alleged Kasowitz bragged about his role in firing Bharara to friends, telling Trump “This guy is going to get you.” One of Bharara’s major investigations was looking into Deutsche Bank’s involvement in Russian money-laundering. Deutsche Bank is the biggest money lender to Trump, having provided $364 million in loans. The bank itself then conducted an investigation into Trump’s accounts back in February top find any suspicious links to Russian entities. the bank itself was ordered to pay more than $600 million in fines after not preventing the secret and improper transfer of more than $10 billion out of Russia.

What does all this mean? Well, Kushner now owns the old New York Times building in Manhattan. The building’s previous owner was Lev Leviev, an Israeli citizen born in the Soviet Union, now Uzbekistan. State records show that Africa Israel Investments, including its subsidiary, is registered at 40 Wall Street, which is Trump’s property across the road from the New York Stock Exchange, and home of the former Trump University. Leviev bought the property for in 2007 for $525 million. Leviev is one of Israel’s richest businessman and has claimed he is a “true friend” of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In a statement to The Guardian, the Leviev Group says Leviev has met Putin a few times but only in his capacity as President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the Commonwealth of Independent States. It’s nothing but a complete banking spider web of properties and money changing hands between some suspicious people. Kushner bought the property in 2015 for much less than Leviev paid for it, $296 million to be exact, stating “The Kushner Companies’ offer for the retail space was the most attractive offer ever submitted, and was higher than the building’s appraisal.” So, you overpaid for the property and then sold it for a cheaper cost about a ton of renovations? Hmm.

Source: The Guardian