Charlottesville Mayor Says It’s All Trump’s Fault

Armed KKK member

The number of hate crimes in America has skyrocketed since last year, mainly due to Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric. On the campaign trail, the former businessman called the Latinos rapists and promised to build a “big beautiful wall” to keep them out of the country. He also called for extreme vetting on Muslim visitors.

Trump Condemns Charlottesville Attack

His election was followed by KKK marches, and some of the top positions in the White House are held by Nazi sympathizers. Even though the president has condemned hate crimes in his speeches, his critics say that actions speak louder than words. For instance, he often blasted the media and resorted to name calling to make a point.

Over the weekend, a peaceful protest in Charlottesville, VA, turned into a violent riot when far-left protesters showed up. Under the “Unite the Right” slogan, hundreds of far-right members came to the University of Virginia to protest the removal of Confederate symbols from the public domain.

One of the protesters even plowed his Dodge into a group of counter-protesters injuring more than 20 people and killing one. A day later, the president condemned the attack but did not target white nationalism.

Charlottesville’s Mayor Rips into Trump

Trump’s soft stance angered Charlottesville’s Democratic mayor Michael Signer who recently blasted the president.

Shortly after the rally, Signer said that he places the blame for what is happening in America today “at the doorstep of the White House” and the president’s close aides. Signer was probably pointing at Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon who shares alt-right views.

In other words, if Trump doesn’t purge the White House of white nationalists and Nazi sympathizers things cannot be turned around. Even though, the president refused to call the Charlottesville incident “domestic terrorism,” many other similar incidents could flourish under his first term.
Image Source: Wikimedia