Trump Might Be Preparing To Tell Rosenstein ‘You’re Fired’ As A Way To Check Robert Mueller

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President Donald Trump is absolutely furious right now. He’s angry that the FBI raided his attorney, Micheal Cohen’s, house. He’s livid that Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, and he’s raging at Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for allowing the raid in the first place, among other things.

By now, everyone knows what Trump does when things aren’t going his way; he fires people. This time around, all signs point to Rosenstein as the next to hit the unemployment lines.


According to CNN, officials in the White House report that there are several options on the table for Trump right now, including firing Sessions, but that could complicate things as Sessions is well-loved among powerful Republicans. The officials added that Trump’s most likely target is Rosenstein.

Trump is so angry with the ongoing probe, however, and what he sees as top officials at the Justice Department failing to protect him from it, that many are wondering if merely firing Rosenstein will be enough to soothe his temper.

It’s no secret that Trump’s endgame is making the Russia probe go away and while he may think he has the power to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, that power actually lies with Rosenstein.

It would benefit Trump significantly to get rid of Rosenstein and place someone there willing to fire Meuller.

On top of that, Trump’s legal advisers are reportedly telling Trump that now that Rosenstein has approved of the raid, they have “a strong case against him” for conflicts of interest and over-reaching his authority.


Of course, Trump tweeted about it this morning during a session in which he rambled incoherently about the Russia investigation.

Obviously, there is a glaring mistake. How could the investigation be headed up by Democrats when the guy in charge of it is a Republican?

Next, Trump’s attempts to highlight Rosenstein’s conflicts of interest could lay the groundwork for handing him his walking papers.


For their part, Democrats in the Senate reacted to the news by calling a meeting a discussing what would happen if Trump fired either Rosenstein or Sessions. Democrats discussed the immediate possibility of preserving documents as well as how to get the Republicans to join them.

It appears as though firing Rosenstein would be Trump’s fastest route to placing someone there that would help him put a check on Mueller.

To call the goings on in Washington chaotic would be a massive understatement. One thing is guaranteed, the hammer is coming down on someone’s job there, there’s just no way to know for sure, just yet, who it will be.

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