Chelsea Clinton Blasts Trump for His Recent Comments

White House North lawn

On Tuesday, Sports Illustrated delved into the political spectrum and reported that during a golf outing the President has been heard saying:

Reports that the president felt comfortable expressing such views because he tends to be “unguarded among the people who pay for their proximity to him.”
Clinton began living in the White House at the age of 12 after her father, former President Bill Clinton, was sworn into office in 1993.

Trump has lived in the White House for just over six months, a residence that every president since John Adams starting in 1800 has lived at.


Dude, your apartment looks so gaudy and overdone even Liberace wouldn’t haunt it. You’re there to be President of the United States and govern a country, not be the reincarnate of Marie Antionette. But even though it was supposedly said Sports Illustrated didn’t hear it directly from Trump’s mouth, that didn’t stop the wonderful Chelsea Clinton from weighing in. Clinton made a direct reference to the above tweet regarding the Presidents comments saying:



Way to go Chelsea. Show the man how it’s done!

Source: Sports Illustrated | The Hill