Chief Of Staff John Kelly May Be In The Middle Of A No-Win Tug-Of-War


President Donald Trump is caught in a tug-of-war between his children and his Chief of Staff John Kelly that is likely to come to a head this year.

The White House is in chaos. It’s been in chaos for over a year now, but it’s gotten especially bad over the last week. The Mueller investigation is getting too close for comfort; the White House is hemorrhaging officials, and Trump can’t seem to make anyone happy anymore.

And in the middle of it all is John Kelly. The General who was supposed to bring order to the chaos. Sadly, he failed miserably in the effort, which is probably why he remarked that being Trump’s Chief of Staff is a punishment from God.

At the forefront of the chaos is the tug-of-war between Kelly and Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner. The battle for who influences and advises the president has been raging ever since Kelly got the job last year and began cleaning house. As the president’s children, Kushner and Ivanka were spared the General’s wrath, but that may be about to change.

According to The New York Times:

In private conversations, the president vacillates between sounding regretful that Mr. Kushner is taking arrows and annoyed that he is another problem to deal with.

Privately, some aides have expressed frustration that Mr. Kushner and his wife, the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump, have remained at the White House, despite Mr. Trump at times saying they never should have come to the White House and should leave. Yet aides also noted that Mr. Trump has told the couple that they should keep serving in their roles, even as he has privately asked Mr. Kelly for his help in moving them out.

Yes. Trump has reportedly asked Kelly to settle the tug-of-war, but he is also undermining that effort by telling Ivanka and Kushner that they should stick around. Whether he is intentionally creating chaos or simply torn, the situation must be an absolute nightmare for Kelly.

As the highest-ranking White House employee and most senior aide, Kelly technically outranks Ivanka and Kushner. But Kelly is having difficulties advising Trump when his children get in the way.

Kushner’s latest scandals and the latest revelation about Ivanka being investigated by the FBI might give Kelly the ammunition he needs to oust them from the White House. The only question is will Trump listen?

Of course, Trump only has himself to blame for hiring his family members in the first place.

Trump can’t continue to try and have it both ways. If he wants his children to remain, a chain of command must be established that runs directly through Kelly without exception. Ivanka and Kushner should not be able to access Trump whenever they want, and they certainly should not be allowed to go over Kelly’s head in pursuit of their agendas.

This is why nepotism is never a good idea. Trump needs to choose a side and get it over with. Sticking with Kelly while ousting his children would be the reasonable course of action. But Trump is rarely reasonable.

Let the chaos continue:

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