Classless Trump Blasts CNN for ‘Fake News’ Story

President Donald Trump signing executive order

CNN made a bit of a mistake late last week in publishing a news story that was false and ended up being retracted. Correcting their mistake though wasn’t good enough for the current Commander in Chief and attacked the media channel.

The Story in Question

The story that CNN posted reported that the Senate Intelligence Committee was investigating the head of a Russian investment fund who met with Anthony Scaramucci before the inauguration. Scaramucci is a financier and high-profile member of Trump’s transition team. CNN also reported that the SIC was looking into whether or not Scaramucci suggested sanctions against Russia might be lifted. After the story was pulled, 3 CNN employees resigned and one was a Pulitzer-Prize winner.

Trump Cries ‘Fake News’

Trump has now waited until the morning to cry fowl and tweet about the rescinded story.

After bashing CNN the President then turned to other news media like NBC, ABC, and the Washington Post.

So just because they don’t share your views and see through your lies it’s ‘fake news’? Real classy Trump. It was also never stated that the employees were ‘forced’ to resign but rather did it willingly. Scaramucci himself was much more conciliatory in his response to the allegations:

CNN did the right thing. Classy move. Apology accepted. Everyone makes mistakes. Moving on,

Scaramucci says in a Tweet on Saturday.

At least CNN admits their mistakes and corrects them, unlike the President.