Clinton’s Top Aides Mock Conservative Catholics in Leaked E-mails

Hillary Clinton Wikileaks

In a leaked e-mail exchange, Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s camp mocked conservative Catholics for their “backwards” views. The hacktivist website WikiLeaks released the e-mails Tuesday.

On Tuesday afternoon, the website publicized a new batch of leaked correspondence stolen from campaign chairman John Podesta’s computer. In the said exchange, campaign Director of Communications, Jennifer Palmieri, has a talk with another Clinton aide, John Halpin. The two discuss about Conservative Christians in America and their views.

Clinton Aides’ Remarks

In an e-mail, one of the two top Clinton aides blames conservative Catholics for a “bastardization” of their faith. Palmieri mocks this group of Christians by saying they firmly believe their “politically conservative” faith is the “most socially acceptable.”

“Their rich friends wouldn’t understand if they became evangelicals,”

Palmieri writes at one point.

The controversial e-mail exchange can be found on the WikiLeaks website under the name “Conservative Catholicism.” Besides Halpin and Palmieri, Podesta was also included among recipients but he did not comment.

At the time, Halpin was a senior fellow for the leftist think tank Center for American Progress. He made some of the most eyebrow-raising remarks about Catholics in the exchange.

He noted no one knows what conservatives Catholics are talking about because they embrace ‘Thomistic’ doctrine to “sound sophisticated” in conversations.

Halpin also pointed out that some of the most powerful Conservative figures in politics are Catholics. In his view, conservative Catholics are attracted to “severely backwards gender relations.” This situation is described as a “bastardization of the faith.”

The conversation between Halpin and Palmieri started when Halpin mentioned the fact that multi-billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch decided to teach his kids the Catholic faith. Halpin noted that the CEO of Murdoch’s News Corp, Robert Thompson, shares similar views. He told Palmieri ‘friggin” Murdoch baptized his children in the same river Christ was baptized by John the Baptist, Jordan.

Conservative Media’s Backlash

Karl Rove commented on the e-mail exchange in an interview with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. He described the comments as examples of “religious bigotry” which targets not only Catholics, but Evangelicals as well. Rove was upset the duo could mock people’s deeply held beliefs.

He criticized the two for laughing at two conservative Catholics’ decision to baptize their children in the Jordan River. In addition, Rove said the remarks are “insensitive” and fringe “religious bigotry.” Apparently, neither Halpin nor Palmieri are aware that observant Christians perceive a Jordan baptism as a “blessing.”

So, far Clinton’s camp did not comment on the revelations. Rove thinks the recent scandal would give Clinton’s Republican rival Donald Trump more ammunition to use against her.

A spokesperson from the’s commented on the exchange. He said that every man and woman has “a unique faith journey.” He slammed Clinton camp for throwing blanket statements about people’s faith or decisions to embrace another faith tradition.

Moreover, the group pointed out that if Palmieri had insulted other religions, she would have been fired by now. CatholicVote called for her resignation.

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