Clinton on Clinton Conspiracy Theorists: ‘They Never Quit’

Hillary Clinton

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton complained Tuesday that Republican conspiracy theorists have been keeping an eye on her for the last 25 years. She also mentioned a “conspiracy theory machine factory” and the “jobs” she created there.

 “I have created so many jobs in the, sort of, conspiracy theory machine factory because honestly, they never quit,”

she told the press Tuesday.

The New Scrutiny Conspiracy Theory

What’s more, she even said that a new request for an investigation into her work e-mail business is the result of ongoing “partisan conspiracy theorizing.” Earlier that day, Rep. Jason Chaffetz of the House oversight committee requested a new investigation into the matter.

Chaffetz seeks to learn why one of Clinton’s aides deleted an archive of the controversial emails while Congress was still probing the issue. The Republican sent the investigation request to the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia. Chaffetz suspects that Clinton’s staffers obstructed the congressional investigation by covering up evidence. He asked the department to consider why some files were deleted even though Congress had prompted Clinton to preserve them.

On Friday, the FBI released the latest findings from the email server investigation. The agency concluded that a tech contractor destroyed the e-mails without Clinton’s notice. Reportedly, the democratic candidate hadn’t instructed anyone to erase them.

GOP’s ‘Conspiracy Theorizing’ Tied to Trump

Earlier this week, Clinton said that such investigation requests were not new to her. She also suggested that the Republicans’ move may be tied to Donald Trump’s rise. On one occasion, she even said that she would collaborate well with GOP. But Tuesday she seemed irked by the party’s relentless requests for new investigations.

She commented that this is how some Republicans choose to spend their time, rather than working on American people’s real problems. Additionally, she criticized Trump for being an outsider to the world of politics. She asked who would nominate for president somebody with zero public service experience.

Next, she advised Republicans to better start producing “results” for Americans and stop engaging in “partisan conspiracy theorizing.”

Other Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories about Clinton have multiplied in recent months as the Democratic candidate took distance from the press. With more than 270 days since her last official press conference, Clinton drew criticism for not being transparent enough. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump even called her “hidden Hilary” for that reason in his tweets.

On Monday, however, Clinton broke the ice and invited reporters onto her new campaign plane. With the new acquisition, the candidate has just broken with the tradition of flying separately from the press during the campaign.

Yet, despite efforts, the Internet is still teeming with conspiracy theories regarding Clinton and her family. The most recent conspiracy theory states that the Democratic nominee wore an almost invisible earpiece in this Wednesday’s NBC forum.

Reportedly, the secret bud provided the candidate with the right answers to tough questions. Clinton’s campaign denied that she used such device.

A last month’s conspiracy theory suggests that Clinton may be ill, and that the camp is covering it up. Former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani blamed the Democratic media for being silent on the topic.

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