Clinton Has a Long Record of Medical Secrecy

Hillary Clinton speaking into the microphone

Hiding the fact she has pneumonia may cost the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton more than a few days on the campaign trail. Analysts believe medical secrecy may severely damage her “iron lady” image, and make her lose precious votes.

In 1998, experts recall the candidate was diagnosed with a blood clot. But despite her doctor’s recommendations to rest, Clinton did not interrupt the race. Instead, she took a nurse with her. But the condition was kept secret and only a few people besides the Secret Service knew about it.

The Secret Service was briefed on the condition in case it became life-threatening.

“Very few people knew about it at the time,”

said Dr. Connie Mariano.

All the other staffers thought Clinton pulled a muscle while working out.

9/11 Memorial Service Incident

Eighteen years later, history repeats itself. Clinton considers that taking a few days off to rest would be too much. So, even though she had been diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday, with total disregard to her doctor’s advice, she decided to attend a 9/11 memorial service.

But this time, she could no longer keep her failing health a secret. On Sunday, witnesses saw her nearly collapse while her staffers escorted her to a Secret Service van.

Originally, her campaign said it was just a “heat stroke,” but truth surfaced a day later: pneumonia.

The incident could take a huge toll on Clinton’s credibility. Her Republican rival, Donald Trump, had already criticized her for being secretive. In a tweet, he said she should be called “Hidden Hillary.”

Plus, Clinton’s propensity to secrecy has fueled a plethora of conspiracy theories regarding her health. Last month, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani said in an interview that the Democratic candidate keeps her failing health secret with help from the Democratic media.

She’s a ‘Workhorse’

Analysts believe the nominee’s behavior may be due to her stubbornness to not follow any medical advice.

“This is just who she is. She is a workhorse,”

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said.

McAuliffe added that Clinton often turns a deaf ear even to her family’s recommendations to get some rest. He concluded that no one can change her personality at this age.

Shortly after the Sunday incident, Clinton told a CNN reporter she was set to “power through.”

Her staffers, including campaign manager Robby Mook and her running mate Tim Kaine refused to tell when they first learned about the disease. But the decision to go ahead come what may belongs to Clinton alone.

Clinton’s also affected by allergies which often turned into nasty coughing fits, which she also ignored. Currently, she can no longer ignore her condition and decided to stay on the sidelines for a few days.

No Big Deal

In the meantime, President Barack Obama and husband Bill Clinton campaigned on her behalf. Her campaign said she’ll be back in the race on Thursday.

This week, she agreed to disclose more health information. She admitted she would have been better off if she simply had followed her doctor’s advice.

“I just didn’t think it was going to be that big a deal,”

she said in a recent interview.

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