CNN Defies Trump In the Best Way and His Campaign Is Furious

Trump campaign ad in 2017

With just 100 days in office, Trump is airing campaign ads, but CNN recently refused to play one such commercial ad that highlights the president’s post-election “accomplishments.” The news network agreed to air the commercial if Trump campaign removed from the clip the portion blaming the media for spreading “fake news.”

The 30-second ad praises Trump for creating American jobs, cutting taxes, and sending Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. It also blasts the U.S. media and its lead news anchors for spreading “FAKE NEWS” in full caps.

The short clip, which resembles a North Korean propaganda piece, was sponsored by the Trump/Pence campaign.

CNN confirmed on Twitter that they wouldn’t be airing the spot until Trump’s camp removes the fake news part. In response, the campaign blasted the news channel for blocking a “positive message” the nation’s commander in chief was trying to share with his fellow Americans.

It’s clear that CNN is trying to silence our voice and censor our free speech because it doesn’t fit their narrative,

Trump’s team added.

CNN also underlined that many of the said accomplishments were the result of Trump’s executive orders. Ironically, the current president often blasted his predecessor Barack Obama, accusing him of abusing his executive powers. CNN also underscored that Trump’s approval ratings have sunk to record lows, a detail ignored in the commercial.

The network cited a CNN/ORC poll which found that Trump’s first 100 days were marked by the poorest approval ratings for a freshly-minted president in American history. So, people are “far from convinced” that Trump’s first 100 days in office were as successful as the campaign ads suggest, CNN added.

The news outlet concluded that the abysmal approval ratings were largely caused by deep “partisan divides” and the new administration’s failure to “capitalize on post-election strengths.”
Image Source: Flickr