Watch: Comey Blows Lid Off No Russian Interference Claims

Sen. Martin Heinrich and former FBI Chief James Comey

During his Thursday testimony, Former FBI Director James Comey’s dismissed the White House’s narrative that the story around the Trump-Russia connections may be “fake”. He told Senators that the intelligence community can confirm the Russia story is “as fake as you can possibly get.”

Trump Denies Allegations as Fake News

The president himself has been denying the interference, labeling the coverage suggesting otherwise as “fake news.” For example, in February, he accused the Democrats and the liberal-controlled media of scheming against him:

On Thursday, the ousted FBI chief briefly touched on the issue when Sen. Martin Heinrich wanted to know more about the authenticity of the Russia story. Heinrich reminded Comey that Trump has repeatedly called the Russia election interference allegations a “hoax” and “fake news.”

In response, Comey said that “there should be no fuzz” on the issue. He confirmed that there was a Russian meddling with the U.S. voting process during last year’s presidential election. “And they did it with purpose,” Comey said about the Russians.

Comey Thinks Russian Meddling Was ‘Unfake’

He alleged that the operation was coordinated by the top of the Russian government as the intelligence community has a “high confidence” that this is what happened. Comey added that the members of the Senate panel hearing his testimony had seen the intelligence.

It’s not a close call. That happened. That’s about as unfake as you can possibly get,

the former FBI chief said.

Comey is likely referring to the intelligence reports from 17 intelligence agencies which stated that they were confident Russia interfered with the presidential election. During the hearing, Comey also said that there was a Russian interference, the Russians have hacked the U.S. systems, but no vote was altered.

You can watch the exchange here: