Congressman Trolls Sessions on Twitter: ‘You’re a Racist and a Liar’

Ted Lieu and California governor Jerry Brown

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) took to Twitter to criticize the U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions over his remarks following the Hawaii gaffe. It is not the first time Lieu trolls a member of the Trump administration, but it is the first time he nails Sessions online.

Lieu Calls Sessions a Racist

Last week, the nation’s top lawyer lashed out at a Hawaii judge after the court blocked Trump’s revamped travel ban. At the time, Sessions said that he couldn’t believe a “judge sitting on an island” could stop the president of the United States from enforcing a ban that was “clearly” part of his constitutional power.

In other words, the AG doesn’t think much of Hawaii as a U.S. state. It is just an island in the Pacific. When two Democratic senators slammed him in the press for the ill remarks, Sessions issued a non-apology.

On Sunday, he told ABC that no one “has a sense of humor anymore.” He added that his criticism wasn’t directed at the judge or the island. On the same day, Lieu, who was born on another island – Taiwan – took personal offense with the remark and called Sessions “a racist and a liar.”

Lieu is catching a lot of flak for calling Sessions a racist over that one comment, but the AG’s record indeed shows several instances of racism. For instance, he once cracked a joke on the KKK, saying that the worst thing about the organization was its pot-smoking members. He also called an African American staff member a “boy” and said the NAACP was “Communist-inspired” for “forc[ing] civil rights down the throats of people.”

Sessions seems to think we should consider the comment a “joke,” which Lieu thinks it doesn’t serve the country’s AG well. In fact, it leaves the impression he is a blatant racist. It is worth noting that in 1986, during Senate hearings for the appointment of Sessions as a federal judge, the late widow of MLK urged the Senate panel to vote against him.

Sessions was not confirmed in 1986 because Senators considered him too racist for the judicial post. Reports surfaced that Sessions had called a white lawyer a “disgrace to his race” for defending black people and Latinos in voting rights cases.

Ten years ago, he said that immigrants were behind many “culture problems” and that they took away American jobs. He also called for their numbers to be kept in check.

During his recent confirmation hearing as Trump’s AG, he lied about taking part in voting rights and desegregation cases. In fact, he prosecuted civil rights activists in the 1980s for registering black voters.

Sessions appointed Stephen Miller, who helped draft the Muslim ban, as his communications director. Miller reportedly was involved in other recent policies too. Sessions himself has been a staunch supporter of the ban.
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