Conservatives Want This to End in the White House

Ivanka Trump on stage with Donald Trump
After securing his place in the top three in the Republican caucuses, presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke briefly to a crowd a watch party, Feb 2 in West Des Moines. Trump said, “I love you people, I love you people, thank you very much.”

Just when we thought the dark press-briefings died down, it picks right back up again. Conservatives are calling for no more recorded press briefings after a heated exchange on Wednesday that possibly could’ve ended in an all-out brawl. Yay, entertainment.

Heated Exchange Between Press and White House Aide

The White House policy adviser Stephen Miller decided to enthrall himself in a verbal assault with the two top media outlets: CNN and The New York Times.  This caused conservatives to need their safe space and say it was a mistake to let the media broadcast the daily meetings. “Anyone still want to argue against my position that the White House briefing shouldn’t be televised?” wrote the conservative blogger Allahpundit at Hot Air.

“What happened here is simple: Reporters knew they were going to go toe-to-toe today with one of the few committed nationalists in the White House on the pet issue of the populist right, the one that helped Donald Trump get elected and turned Steve Bannon into a power broker,” Allahpundit wrote. “They had to make their opposition plain, if not to the average person watching than at least to their colleagues in the media who would have torched them for not questioning Miller aggressively. This reeks of ‘virtue-signaling’ even more than it does of standard media bias.”

Briefings always pulled huge ratings on TV but they always spiraled into shouting matches and accusations between the press and the White House. If you stop giving us fake news, we wouldn’t have that problem. The briefings were once again televised after Scaramucci took over as Communications Director and now who knows what the new one will do. For now, the White House has said they will continue to do a mix of on-and-off camera briefings and look for new ways to get the president’s message out. Well, you already found a new way, you let him have a Twitter account.

Miller vs. Acosta and Thrush

Miller first decided to verbally spar with CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta. Acosta said the new immigration policy is un-American and read a piece of the poem on the Statue of Liberty. Miller accused Acosta of “cosmopolitan bias” and said the poem he read was not originally on the statue. Pretty sure we didn’t get a new one, and it’s been there for over a century’re wrong. What did someone get up there in the middle of the night and change the poem or something? Highly doubt it. Acosta fired back at Miller accusing him of “national parks revisionism.”

He then turned his attention to Thrush when he asked for statistical data on the immigration plan. “I’m not asking for common sense, I’m asking for specific statistical data.” That shouldn’t be hard right? Wrong. Miller shot back with, “I think it’s pretty clear, Glenn, that you’re not asking for common sense.” Well that just proves the White House is full of idiots.

Source: The Hill