Conservatives Turn On Matt Drudge For Calling Out Trump’s Attacks On Free Press


In a surprising twist, right-wing media founder Matt Drudge called out President Donald Trump for attacking the free press on Wednesday morning, and now conservatives have turned on him for it.

In response to multiple news outlets confirming some claims made by Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti about Michael Cohen taking money from a company linked to a Russian oligarch with connections to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump threatened to revoke press credentials.

Drudge, who founded the right-wing Drudge Report in the 1990s and is a key figure in right-wing media, replied by warning that Trump’s threat could lead to licensing journalists, an action that would destroy the First Amendment guarantee of a free press.

And it could happen. After all, Trump has threatened licenses before.

As The Hill points out:

Broadcast licenses are issued to local television stations by the FCC. The commission does not grant licenses to national networks, like NBC, ABC or CBS.

If the federal government were to require the press to obtain licenses to report the news in any way, Trump could easily stack the FCC with partisans who would deny licenses to reporters and outlets he considers his “enemies.”

In other words, any outlet or reporter who asks a question and says or writes something he doesn’t like would be denied.

But many conservatives did not like that Drudge called Trump out, and promptly attacked him on Twitter.

Conservatives are so blinded by Trump and his hatred of the media that they are literally attacking one of their own just for speaking out against him. But seeing as Drudge is one of the founders of the right-wing propaganda machine that spouts pro-Trump messages today, he’s now reaping what he sowed.

But that doesn’t mean he’s wrong about Trump’s attack on the media. Trump’s rhetoric is dangerous and is putting us on the path to authoritarianism. We need to heed his warning and do something to make sure Trump doesn’t destroy the free press that serves as a check on our government.


Featured Image: YouTube screenshot