Conspiracy Theorist Warns of Consequences of Trump Impeachment

Former Trump campaign strategist Roger Stone

Former Trump campaign strategist and current conspiracy theory peddler Roger Stone warned the U.S. Congress that a civil war might follow if Trump is impeached. Stone is pushing for the same theory that Trump supporters touted before he was elected: that if he lost the election, violent riots would start everywhere. Not that that’s already happening or anything.

Conservatives and Their Conspiracy Theories

Stone may not be entirely wrong if we take into consideration that the KKK held a rally to celebrate Trump’s election in North Carolina and Neo-Nazis were present at the Charlottesville protest in Virginia, nearly two weeks ago.

What’s more, gun laws allow any mentally unstable American to use a firearm, which could turn into a real issue for state and federal law enforcement. Conservative radio talk show hosts like Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh are adding more fuel to this fire. They spread conspiracy theories that can result in genuine danger.

Stone is a vocal conservative too with his own set of conspiracy theories. He once said about Khizr Khan that he is a Jihadist and accused Chelsea Clinton of undergoing plastic surgery for making her look less like her biological father.

Stone’s Warning

In a recent interview, he said that the country would have a “spasm of violence,” if Trump were impeached. He threatened of an “insurrection” like America has never seen.

A politician that votes for [impeachment] will endanger their own life,

Stone said.

Even if his prediction was true, Trump’s opponents outnumber his supporters. Let’s not forget that Hillary Clinton beat Trump in the popular vote by 3 million and the number is likely larger after Trump’s disastrous actions. Not to mention we already fear for our lives because the alt-right love to run over people with trucks and Trump is trying to fry us all by starting a penis-swinging contest with Kim Jong-Un.

Stone should also be very careful when he makes such statements publicly because his words might get taken literally by a mentally ill person with a gun.
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