Good Guy CNN: Political Analyst Fired Over Nazi/KKK Remarks

Jeff Lord and Black Panelist

CNN political analyst Jeffrey Lord has raised many eyebrows with his pretentious, borderline racist remarks over the last few months, but tweeting a Nazi salute was the final straw for the news network.

CNN confirmed Thursday that Lord was no longer an employee as “Nazi salutes are indefensible.”

Lord Claims the KKK Are Democrats

However, this is not the first shocking comment that comes out of Lord’s mouth. He once said that the KKK was pushing for a “progressive agenda.” The analyst believes that KKK members were part of the base of the Democratic party. He quoted historians to back his claim that the KKK was the Democratic party’s “terrorist arm.” Pretty sure if you look at KKK views and progressive views, they are nowhere near on the same page.

He also said that KKK’s killings of black people were just part of their progressive agenda.

When an African-American panelist asked him when he was going to apologize to Miss Mae Wiggins and the Central Park Five, just like a Trump supporter, Lord asked him when he was going to ‘apologize for slavery,’ as a member of the Democratic party.

Police Brutality Is OK

When the president encouraged police violence, Lord linked his remarks to a “New Yorker sense of humor.” He noted that his family lives in New York and that’s how people talk there. No, pretty sure it’s not.

Lord also said that Neo-Nazi groups owe their existence to groups that identify by race such as Black Lives Matter or La Raza. The pundit also stood by Trump when he insulted liberal talk TV host Mika Brzezinski with his “bleeding badly from a facelift” remarks. He admitted that this business is packed with misogynists.

Lord was also incredibly inaccurate when he discussed voter fraud matters. In June, Media Matters found that nearly two dozen of his statements were inaccurate. In 2016, he tried to imply that the election could be stolen by Clinton, which it obviously wasn’t and he was the one doing the stealing.

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