Summer Woes: Conway Is Confident Obamacare Repeal Will Happen ‘This Summer’

Kellyanne Conway on Fox News

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway thinks that the GOP could repeal Obamacare ‘this summer,’ with a replacement coming later. If the Trump aide is right, Trump would not honor a campaign pledge to repeal and replace the law all at once.

 Very hopeful, very confident that the President can have the bill on his desk this summer,

Conway told Fox News Monday.

Replacement Should Happen First

She also said that a replacement could come at the same time, but the GOP could do what it did in 2015 when they voted to kill the taxes and penalties under Obamacare but didn’t come up with a replacement. Conway noted that the only difference between the 2015 repeal attempt and this year’s vote is that there is a Republican in the Oval Office willing to sign the bill into law.

Until last week, Trump pledged to repeal and replace the healthcare bill at the same time instead of drafting a replacement in a separate bill. In January, the then president-elect said that repeal and replace “have to be together.” On a separate occasion, he said the two processes would happen “essentially simultaneously.”

Trump Flip Flops on the Repeal-and-Replace Issue

By “simultaneously” he meant the same week, but most likely the same day. “Could be the same hour,” Trump added. Last Friday, however, he suddenly backpedaled on the issue.

A White House top aide Mark Short told reporters Sunday that if Republicans didn’t get enough votes for the replacement, they should focus on a first step and replace it.
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