Conway the Parrot Strikes Again: Twitter Smashes Kellyann for Tweet


This woman just doesn’t seem to stop even though Twitter has made it clear Tweeters have too much fun ripping her apart. Just days after the infamous interview saying Twitter followers would love if she were brutally murdered, she strikes yet again basically parroting the President’s atrocities. Not only did she tweet this garbage making me a disgusted Eagles fan:

But then she tweets this lighting Twitter up so much it was hotter than Arizona’s current temperatures:

How classless can you be? You are an upstanding member of the White House. If any of us American citizens tweeted anything to this degree, we’d be reprimanded on the spot. Now check out some of the beautiful responses to her ridiculousness:

Way to go, Kellyann for being a horrible human being and forgetting what professionalism is. You heard it here first folks; you don’t need class or be a professional to work for the U.S. government.