Conway on Trump’s Jaw-Dropping Jail Threat: It’s Just a ‘Quip’

Kellyanne Conway smiling

On Monday, Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said Donald Trump’s jail threat aimed at his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton during the second presidential debate was just a “quip.”

Trump: America Tired of “Deception”

She added that whether Clinton will go to prison was not up to the Republican candidate. Critics, however, noted Trump’s remark must be more than a ‘quip.’ They pointed out he has explicitly said he would appoint a “special prosecutor” to look into her “situation.”

“I hate to say it, but if I win, I’m going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation,”

Trump said.

He added that America is tired of “so many lies, so much deception.” According to the GOP candidate, American people are “furious” the FBI did not ask for Clinton’s prosecution.

The controversy dates back to the time Clinton was secretary of state. Reportedly, she kept top classified correspondence on a private e-mail server instead of State Department’s computers.

Nevertheless, the FBI never denied there is evidence of wrongdoing on her part. FBI Director James Comey said she “carelessly” handled her work correspondence.

The Debate

But on Sunday night, Trump added more fuel to the case. Cliton started a speech by criticizing him for making false claims. She even invited audience to visit her campaign website and see the fact-checking behind his claims.

She concluded it was “awfully good” somebody like Trump was not “in charge of the law” in the U.S.

“Because you’d be in jail,”

Trump bluntly replied.

After the debate, Clinton camp complained their Republican rival once more crossed the line that the nation’s attorney generals have established between whom they choose to prosecute and the president’s personal views.

A spokesperson for Clinton camp said only a “dictator” of a “banana republic” would make such comments. Only in those countries, the head of state sends his political rivals to prison.

Eric Holder’s Twitter Comments

Former Attorney General Eric Holder, who formally endorsed Clinton in January,  described the latest remarks as “dangerous.” Holder tweeted that Trump would “ORDER” the attorney general to start an investigation. He noted that when Richard Nixon tried a similar thing, his attorney general “courageously resigned.” In his view, Trump is both dangerous and unfit to be the country’s commander-in-chief.

He warned against any candidate who claims he will order the FBI or DOJ take legal action against somebody. Holder noted that the U.S. does not threaten its political opponents with jail time. He concluded that Trump’s remark was a promise to abuse power of the office.

After the debate, Conway herself made some remarks that shocked the media. Despite dozens of reports that she would quit her position as campaign manager for Trump, she said she will be with the campaign “until the bitter end.”

Yet, she added an “unless” after that statement but declined to continue the sentence. She added Trump performed “beautifully.” In her opinion, Trump won the debate “clearly” and would make a “much better president” than Clinton.

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