Spicer: ‘Conway’s Microwave Spy Theory Was’

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer

Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer said Tuesday that the president’s senior aide Kellyanne Conway was joking when she said that microwaves can turn into cameras so the government can spy on you. Spicer told reporters that microwaves are not a “sound way” of surveillance.

When one reporter asked him whether the president believes in microwave surveillance, Spicer said the president believes that there “was surveillance” during his presidential campaign but…

I think there’s pretty sound evidence that the microwave is not a sound way of surveilling someone,

Spicer said.

He added that Conway made the remark “in jest” and the whole thing should be put to rest.

Conway and the Microwave Spy Theory

Spicer was in damage control after Conway told a New Jersey journalist Sunday that the government apparently can spy on citizens via various tools. She probably referred to media reports that showed the CIA can turn Samsung smart TVs into microphones while in a Fake-Off Mode, smartphones can be tapped and so can vehicles’ infotainment systems. However, Conway added one extra way of surveillance no one has ever heard of: microwave ovens, which in the counselor’s opinion, can “turn into cameras.”

However, during the interview, Conway left no indication that she was joking. A day later, she acknowledged in a separate interview that she had no proof to support Trump’s wiretapping claim and her own household-device spy theory. She did not say that she was joking either.

She said on ABC that her kitchen surveillance claims had nothing to do with Trump Tower.

I’m not Inspector Gadget,

she told a CNN reporter later that day.

She noted that she doesn’t believe Obama used the microwave to spy on Trump on the campaign trail and added that it wasn’t her job to bring the evidence. “That’s what investigations are for,” Conway said.

Ironically, Spicer said that she was joking just one day after he said that American people should trust Trump’s words as long as “he’s not joking.” When Trump is not joking, and he’s speaking “authoritatively” he’s obviously speaking in his capacity as president of the United States, Spicer said.

Does Conway’s Theory Hold Water?

All joking aside, microwave ovens cannot magically turn into cameras to spy on their users. The laws of physics still apply, and unless they’re equipped with smart speakers or cameras, the devices cannot be hacked into to eavesdrop on your conversations.

A microwave oven isn’t normally equipped with a camera, and none of its components can play a camera’s role. A camera needs an image sensor, a lens, and a processor. The home appliance doesn’t have a processor to turn raw data captured via the lens into images, so it is incapable of taking pictures.

What’s more, the microwave needs to be connected to the Internet before it can be hacked into. And extremely few models today sport that feature. So, regardless of why Conway made the spy claim, rest assured that with today’s technology it is impossible for microwave ovens to morph into cameras and spy on you.

Image Source: Wennermedia