Video Captures Exact Moment Cop Brutally Knocks Student to Ground

Two NYPD police officers standing

A disturbing 8-second video that has been recently circulating on Twitter recently shows how a police officer brutally knocked a female student to the ground in a high school in North Carolina. Next, he pulled the rebellious student to her feet and took her out of the room.

Officials are Probing the Issue

School district officials said they requested more info on the incident from the Rolesville Police Department. The footage shows Officer Ruben De Los Santos lifting the underage girl and then dropping her before escorting her out. The room is filled with restless students shouting.

It is unclear what made the officer assault the girl. Police chief Bobby Langston said he ordered an internal investigation into the incident. In the meantime, the officer was reportedly placed on administrative leave.

A spokesperson for the Wake County schools who is running a separate investigation said the incident must have happened the same day. De Los Santos has been school resource officer since 2013, when the school first opened its doors. The school provides education to around 2,200 students from the ninth up to the 12th grade.

A local media source said the girl’s mother arrived at the school but had no idea what had happened. She told reporters that when she saw the short video she couldn’t believe her eyes that something like that happened to her teenage girl.

The mother said the school failed to inform her about the incident involving the police officer. She complained the school’s management was so busy to settle things with the student who was in a fight they forgot about the ones not involved in anything.

There May Be More Videos

Authorities said a separate video of the incident may surface in the coming days. Police officers in Rolesville began wearing body cameras in August. So the said officer’s camera may have recorded the encounter from a different angle. There are also the location’s security cameras which police plan to review.

In the meantime, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) urged all witnesses and people with more data on the matter to talk to authorities. The nonprofit described the use of force as “disturbing”. It also said that police officers should not use such force on children in America’s schools.

Still, it is not the first time, the organization defends minors in the face of police brutality. It happened before in the fall of 2015, when a high school girl refused to hand over her smartphone to her teacher officer installed in school. School officials asked a sheriff’s deputy to intervene. Yet the law enforcement agent tossed her across a classroom full of students. The deputy next arrested the girl and her friend who recorded the incident for disturbing schools.”

However, the footage made it in the news and sparked nationwide outrage. Many said police officers should not discipline kids in schools when there is no case of criminal behavior. As a result, the deputy lost his job.

ACLU noted such behavior encourages the so-called “school-to-prison pipeline” which overwhelmingly affects minority students or those with disabilities.
Image Source: Flickr