CORRUPT! McConnell Pushed the Button


On Thursday the Senate voted to affirm President Trump’s SCOTUS appointment Neil Gorsuch however, the vote fell along party lines 52-48. The Democrats initiated the filibuster to ensure that Gorsuch did not make the 60 vote requirement.

As a result, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell changed the rules to allow a simple majority vote also called “the nuclear option.” Bloomberg News reports:

McConnell said Democrats’ move to filibuster Gorsuch is part of a “much larger story” in which the left is trying to politicize the courts and confirmations.
“It’s a fight they have waged for decades with a singular aim, securing raw power no matter the cost to the country or the institution,” McConnell of Kentucky said on the Senate floor. “It underlies why this threatened filibuster cannot be allowed to succeed.”
Democrats said the power grab was made by the Republicans when they denied a hearing to Obama’s nominee last year. In addition, Gorsuch didn’t show himself to be a mainstream judge during his confirmation hearing at the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said.
“Far from being the kind of mainstream candidate for the Supreme Court that could earn 60 votes, he may very well turn out to be one of the most conservative justices on the bench,” said Schumer of New York.
“The nuclear option means the end of a long history of consensus” on high court nominees, he said. The 60-vote requirement acts as a “guardrail” against judicial extremism, Schumer said.
Republicans responded with the “nuclear option” that allows Senate rules to be revised with a simple majority vote, rather than the 67 typically required. McConnell did this by asserting to the presiding officer that only a majority should be needed to confirm Supreme Court nominees.
Republicans then voted to overturn the 60-vote requirement for Supreme Court nominees. The Senate followed with a 55-45 procedural vote to set up Friday’s final confirmation.
Republican Senator John McCain had tried to forge a bipartisan deal to avert the rule change but gave up early this week after Democrats said they had enough votes to block Gorsuch.

After two centuries of making sure all have a voice, the corrupt Republican party has eliminated the rules. The Republicans with President Trump are now altering the rules so they can move forward their corrupt agenda. But, we will not forget this nor the other disgusting policies and on 2018 we are going to start taking our country back!

Source: Bloomberg